Dear Colleagues,


We are happy to invite you to ‘Adrenalectomy Summit 2023, Izmir’. This meeting is organized by Ege University, under the auspices of the ESES (European Society of Endocrine Surgeons), TAES (Turkish Association of Endocrine Surgery), ESS (Ege Surgical Society), Italian Society of Endocrine Surgeons (SIEUC).


During this one-day summit, experts on adrenal gland surgery - from all over Europe - will share their experiences with you. This ‘in-person’ meeting consists of two parts. During the morning, each tutor will present an unedited surgical video of different techniques of adrenalectomy and discuss the case, incl. technical pearls with the audience on-air (modified live surgery). After lunch, experts will discuss which type of adrenalectomy fits for which particular case. Our wish is that this summit will be beneficial for endocrine surgeons, general surgeons and surgical residents keen on adrenalectomy.


Admission will be free. Since we have a limited capacity, a registration concept of first come first served basis is settled. We look forward to welcoming you in beautiful Izmir!

  •  Özer Makay

    Professor of Surgery

    Chairman of Research Committee (ESES)

  •  Marco Raffaelli

    Professor of Surgery

    Chairman of Education Committee (ESES)